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In our collaborations, the creative process is simply a framework for literal and metaphorical pathfinding. When we can correctly identify and diagnose a problem, we can hypothesize a path to a solution and test against it. Being wrong and adjusting is far more important than being right out of the gate. For our team, approaching every problem with battle-tested processes allows us to cut through bias, arrive at real solutions, and focus on delivering world-class quality. You don’t have to take our word for it - the work speaks for itself.

Our Process
Discover + Define

Our first phase, PXD opens the lines of communication with your key stakeholders to better understand your business’ challenges. The goal is to collectively define a common language about where your business needs to go and how we’ll get you there.


Research illuminates the why behind the what. Once we understand the challenges you face, PXD crafts a custom research plan that’s designed to uncover findings that result in a data-driven hypothesis for our proposed solutions.


Every PXD project and its design hypothesis is unique. Consequently, we draft a people-first, experience design phase that is custom tailored to your organization while keeping your stakeholders engaged and informed throughout each critical decision—from low-fidelity wireframes all the way through polished brand-ready pixels.


Validation removes any guessing from the design process. PXD tests our design hypotheses using a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods to obtain insights and highlight opportunities to adjust our applied solutions to the actual users’ needs.


This is where we turn validated designs into beautiful, usable realities. PXD provides turnkey development solutions or can integrate into your existing development pipeline.


Follow through matters. That’s why we monitor and evaluate how the implemented solutions work for you, providing continued support for the evolving creative needs of your project and your business.

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PXD has been a critical partner in delivering our new business bank account opening process. They took the time to dig deep into our business and understand what we wanted to achieve, which allowed us to truly co-create with them. Hard to imagine how we’d ever have done it without their approach and attention to detail.
– Dan Armstrong, Chief Digital Officer at Customers Bank
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